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You are an amazing writer! I really admire your work. I can feel what you describe because of the way in which you write it. i love it, never stop writing.

Thank you, love. 

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dear jo,

d e a r    j o,

it had been quite a while, hadn’t it? you never really knew me well. i bet you don’t even remember me, now. a friend called me today, saying she saw you with your friends in the mall.

i didn’t know if i should be happy, or sad. i still don’t know what to do.

i’m not a stalker, jo but i really want to know where you are. i missed you, that is. we never really used to talk, but i could see the glances you stole at me.

maybe it was nothing, maybe i was imagining it. people say it will lead to nothing, having a silly crush and being that young. 

but it’s just a crush, jo. it won’t hurt anyone. i can still remember you, laughing sarcastically at my bad puns, maybe you already forgot me.

who knew?

all i know, is maybe now, you can think of me. i wish you would, jo.

i wish you would

yours truly, me.

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My name is Angelie. I’m 17.


I met a boy. His name is Matthew.

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He thought I was weird.
And said I was pretty.
He liked me.

He asked me out.


I asked him to prom.


He told me he loved me.
I cried, because I loved him, too.

I’ll never love a man, Matthew, like I love you.


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Poetry Reading

Hello loves!

If you’re in the DC/Maryland area I’ll be doing a poetry reading at Sweet and Natural at 9pm. It’s totally free, so please join me! I’ll be spitting poems, throwing glitter, and talking about feelings! The address is 4009 34th St, Mt Rainier, MD 20712. Hope to see you all tonight!

All the best,

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I know what you’re going to do.
You’re going to promise me all these things. And to be here for me throughout whatever. You’re going to promise to try to understand me. And you’re going to swear to God that you’re different. And one day you’ll stop responding to my texts and you’ll start to be busy when I want to hear your voice. Your heart will be as distant as the planets from one another and you’re going to make me go crazy. And I know this because it’s happened before. Because you are him. And you are every guy after him. You are all the same. Cheaters. Disloyal. Dishonest. Selfish. Vague. I no longer ignore my first instinct to get the hell up out of whatever I’ve involved myself into. I leave with these monsters of men my secrets, each one bearing a different part of my heart but none having the whole of my heart except him. And I could never make that mistake again. So I know what you’re going to. Stop giving me the bullshit “you’re beautiful” “I really like you” act and walk away. I’ll be fine.
— What you (the general you) do. -m.l. (via mkylxx)

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Anonymous asked:
how do you show your boyfriend you love him?? I try but i want him to really feel it. like really feel it.

Well…that’s a tough question to answer. When I wanted to show “Him” I loved him, I wrote one hundred letters and proclaimed it to the world. But I wouldn’t suggest you do something this big, honestly, in love, it’s all the small things you do (even if it’s something as small as not wearing glittery nail polish around him because you know he doesn’t like it) that show a person your true feelings. That attention to detail reveals so much.

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again here is the sky
a star collapsing
i find your breath
in my lungs.

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originally thedustdancestoo

It’s my birthday!

Just thought I’d let you all know since you are my loves. If you live in the DC area I encourage you to come out to Busboys and Poets 5th & K tonight at 9pm. I’ll be performing (With pink balloons!) and it’d make me super happy if you guys came out! It’ll be fun! And my super lovely friend and a poet I greatly admire Jonathan B Tucker will be hosting. Come join us and wish me a happy birthday. You can purchase tickets here (They’re only 6 dollars!)

All the best,

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Anonymous asked:
he says when he's around me he feels happiness that is beyond comprehension, and feels free like i make him alive. i ask him why does he love me, and he gives me the same response. you see - i don't understand, he could just possibly be in love with the feeling i enable him to feel. i always worry he doesn't love ME for who i really am. just what i make him feel. is this true love or superficial?

I think you’re overthinking it…
If you make him happy, if you make him feel alive that’s a great reason to be in love with someone. You do those things to him by being you. He’s not in love with those feelings, He’s in love with you and because of that he feels those things.

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